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Frequent Questions

One of the most important and frequent questions that patients ask of healthcare practitioners concern vaccines and vaccination. Unlike medicines, vaccines are administered to all individuals, healthy or not – usually infants and children. Health practitioners therefore need to be empowered with a basic knowledge of this crucially important branch of preventive medicine.

  • How do vaccines induce protection against infectious agents and how long does this immunity last?
  • How safe are vaccines in healthy and immuno-suppressed individuals? What are live and killed or subunit vaccines?
  • Can live and killed vaccines be given simultaneously and how long after live vaccine administration can another live vaccine or killed vaccine be administered?
  • Are vaccines effective if given after exposure to an infectious agent?
  • Which vaccines are routine and which are recommended?
  • Which vaccines should be given to adults and the elderly

These and many other questions around vaccines and their administration are clearly answered in this book